• Looking for COFFEE ROASTERS from all over the world for "COFFEE COLLECTION around Kanda Nishiki-cho 2018 Spring"

    Kanda Nishiki-cho area where the real Japanese coffee culture is rooted.

    「COFFEE COLLECTION around Kanda Nishiki-cho 2018 Spring」

    Events where the world's best coffee gathers in the central terrace square of Kanda Nishiki-cho

    "COFFEE COLLECTION around Kanda Nishiki-cho 2018 Spring"


    We are looking for participating stores to "COFFEE COLLECTION around Kanda Nishiki-cho 2018 Spring"

    to be held on 28th and 29th April 2018.

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    One of the world's best cups of coffee festival

    In Kanda Nishiki-cho area where real coffee culture like Kissaten takes rooted . Coffee roasters are carefully selected by blind cupping, so that you can enjoy the world's best cups and blissful time.

    ※Link below is about last time 2017. It will be renewed in mid-March 2018.


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    Kanda Nishiki-cho where the real coffee culture takes root​

    We also have cooperative events with the Kanda Nishiki-cho area

    Kanda Nishiki cho is the cultural city in Tokyo. Here is birthplace of the University of Tokyo. Famous for one of the world's oldest book shop streets, sports shop and musical instruments shops. KANDA NISHIKICHO Lifestyle media「ensemble」


  • Four coffee judges

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    Kiyokazu Suzuki​

    Representative of GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS

    Worked as a head roster and chief barista for 12 years under the barista world champion. He opened "GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS" as an owner barista in April 2015.


    As Japanese, He is publishing Japanese coffee culture to the world. He possesses numerous qualifications including Aero Press Japan champion and coffee international appraiser qualification and cupping judge.

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    Single O Japan​

    Yu Yamamoto​

    Single O Japan representative / Roaster

    After graduating from college, he worked in the real estate industry, but in 2006 he started travel with his wife around the world. After traveling to Asia and Africa countries, He arrived in Australia and He was fascinated by the coffee world as a result of starting his work at Single O (then Single Origin Roasters).


    Experienced a cafe's work in general and to the position of roaster and quality control he was eager to.

    He established Single O Japan in 2014.

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    Yuji Otsuki​

    THE LOCAL COFFEE STAND head barista and director.

    After working as a barista of "Paul Bassett", a pioneer of the specialty coffee shop, set up the largest coffee festival in Japan "tokyocoffefestival".


    It was held for the first time in September 2015 held in front of UN University of Aoyama, the 8th meeting in December 2017, and it shows more excitement.

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    Free Lance

    Masashi Oda​

    He worked in the production department such as roasting and quality control in coffee roaster in Australia and England. Coffee training of more than 30 wholesalers in southern England and London etc., recipe making, launch various shops.


    Participated as a barista at various events including Europe's largest London Coffee Festival.


    Currently collaborating with various coffee shops in Tokyo and supporting as a guest barista. He also sets up new coffee shops and consults with coffee equipment selection, barista training, etc.

  • Application Criteria

    Now we are accepting applications for 2018 April Coffee Collection Please read the following selection criteria and submit application form.

    4 Shops for Sat, 28th and another 4 shops for Sun, 29th, total 8 shops will be chosen.

    If selected, you shall participate on either Sat, 28th or Sun, 29th April 2018.​

    The event hour is start from 11 a.m. to 18 p.m. however, the participants shall use the venue from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m. for preparation and after cleaning.

    Please not that your participation date shall announced by committee after selection.

    ・The applicant must run roastery coffee shop.

    No individual applicant is accepted for this time.

    ・The applicant must be Roaster and roast Single Origin Coffee.

    Non-roastery coffee shop is accepted for this time.

    ・The applicant must be able to serve coffee by Pour Over only.

    COFFEE COLLECTION strictly focuses on Pour over method for lighting up Barista’s brewing skill.

    ・The applicant must be able to submit Single Origin Coffee Bean which can be served one cup for 500 Japanese Yen at Coffee Collection.

    The applicant must serve single type of hot coffee for 500 Japanese Yen (including tax).

    ・The applicant must be able to serve same type of hot coffee for 5 cups tasting tickets.

    We are selling 5 cups tasting tickets which customer can try all five coffee shop’s single origin coffee in Coffee Collection.

    ・The applicant must be able to send 100g of sample roasted coffee bean by February 16th (Fri), 2018.

    The sample roasted coffee bean is used for blind cupping to select five coffee shop exhibitors. Please note the following instruction for sending the sample roasted coffee bean.


    1. The applicant must send information of the sample roasted coffee bean such as Country, Region, Firm, Processing method with the sample roasted coffee bean.


    2. The applicant must send information of the name of coffee shop, address, contact information (e-mail, mobile) and the name of applicant with the sample roasted coffee bean.


    The air mail cost is on the applicant. No entry fee is charged on the applicant.


    Mail to;


    3-16 Koumura bldg.1F Nishiki-cho Kanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054 Japan

    ・Our official cuppers will do the selection by blind cupping on February 18th (Sun).

    We will inform the applicant more details about the selection process in DISCOVER blind cupping competition brochure after receiving the application.

    ・The Winners will be informed on February 27th (Tue). Please check our official website

    We will contact to the winning applicant directly.